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Frangipani Flowers — Medical Health Care in Roseburg, OR

Dr. Linda Sewell | MD

I grew up in Southern California and graduated from California State University, Fullerton. I went to medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and residency at the Medical University of Ohio, where I was chief resident. Tired of the frigid cold of the Midwest, but not wanting the rat race of Southern California, my family decided to move to Roseburg. We love it here and have decided to make this our permanent home. My husband Jake is a chef, so you will never have to worry about me getting a good meal. My daughter Maggie is a beautiful 9-year old who attends Geneva Academy. After my family my greatest joy comes from the ability to care for my patients and deliver babies. I look forward to caring for you in the future.
Elizabeth Broeker — Medical Health Care in Roseburg, OR

Elizabeth Broeker | Office Manager

Elizabeth (or Liz) has been with the company for a few years. Lives in Roseburg with her husband, Larry. In her spare time , she creates papercrafts such as greeting cards, paper flower baskets, 3 D folding cards and explosion boxes. Her crafts are displayed at the office for sale.
Alyssa Wynegar — Medical Health Care in Roseburg, OR

Alyssa Wynegar | CCMA

Alyssa joined our family in February 2015. She previously worked for Dr. Mark Herscher after she graduated from Oregon State University in 2011. Alyssa enjoys spending time with her family, crocheting, crafting, and baking. She is also a surrogate mother and delivered in May 2017.
Elizabeth Smith — Medical Health Care in Roseburg, OR

Elizabeth Smith | Medical/office assistant

Elizabeth Smith also joined our staff in February 2015. She has many years of experience working in a medical office. We are glad to have her join us.
Crystal Geyer — Medical Health Care in Roseburg, OR

Crystal Geyer | Receptionist

Crystal has worked in specialty medical offices for nearly a decade, joining EWHC in 2012. She enjoys hunting, camping and four wheeling with her two children and her husband.
Megan Smedley — Medical Health Care in Roseburg, OR

Megan Smedley | Receptionist

Megan joined our group in June 2015. She is also a dance teacher in Myrtle Creek and loves to travel in her spare time.